Measurements and tests

We offer capacity of our testing laboratory for electrical machines and drives:
– testing of all electrical machines, rotating and non-rotating drives, converters and other devices.

The minimum price for the tests (due to the need of site preparation): CZK 10.000,- (without VAT).

Price of test hour for EPA-engineer: CZK 550,-.

For the test sites is available :

  1. network 3 × 400V / 220V – up to 300A
  2. different three-phase induction regulators (boosters):
    – with output 130kVA, 0 – 380V, 200A
    – with output 457kVA, 0 – 580V, 455A
  3. set of relevant resistors and load reactors:
    – possibility to combine resistors 1Ω, 70A series parallel in various combinations
    – reactors 230A, L = 1 – 12mH adjustable in steps
  4. sets of DC dynamometers up to 240kW and 750NM torque:
    – with 30Nm torque
    – with 50Nm torque
    – with 150Nm torque
    – with 750Nm torque – breaking power: 245kW, generator power: 230kW, 660V, 348A, 3000rpm
  5. three-phase generator 0 – 400Hz, 80kVA:
    – with center Y: 1000/500V, 58/116A
    – with center Δ: 290V, 200A
  6. three-phase generator 0 – 60Hz:
    – with center Y: 80kW, 390V, 150A
  7. DC voltage sources to the output of 250kW, 380V=, 300A=
  8. controlled rectifier 200kW, 600V=, 300A
  9. Ward-Leonard set:
    – three-phase output: 150kW, 700V2, 250A2
    – DC output: 250kW=, 380V=, 450A=
  10. air chamber, with the possibility of cycling and climate loading in operation of the test product:
    – useful space: 750 × 1000 × 750mm
    – temperature range: –60°C to +120°C
    – relative humidity: 10% – 90%


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