Separators of non-ferrous metals

Separator of Non-Ferrous Metals SKR-22

Description, principle :

Separators of non-ferrous metals (eddy current separators) are designed for sorting of loose and lump mixtures containing metallic and non-metallic materials. With the help of magnetic field exciting by the rotating magnetic drum are separated independently ferrous and independently non-ferrous metals from the other non-metallic particles of the mixture.

The separator of non-ferrous metals is suitable for example for sorting of waste from crushed car wrecks, glass pieces, aluminum drosses, copper or aluminum cables.

EPA can produce and deliver :

  • three types of separators in version with ferrite magnets (SKR-10, SKR-20 and SKR-40),
  • three types of separators in version with rare earth magnets (SKR-11, SKR-22 and SKR-44),
  • complete processing lines (RLR-10, RLR-11, RLR-20, RLR-22, RLR-40 and RLR-44).

Main advantages :

  • high separation efficiency,
  • easy control,
  • very good price-output ratio.

Technical parameters :

Separators with ferrite magnets: 
Separators with NdFeB magnets:
Width of sorting active zone [mm] 200 500 940
Feeding of the mixture vibrating feeder vibrating feeder vibrating feeder
or conveying belt
Grain size of the mixture [mm] 3 – 100 3 – 250 3 – 250
Nominal output [m3/h] 0.4 2.0 5.0
Input [kW] 1.0 2.1 3.5
Dimensions [mm] 1270 × 530 × 590 2140 × 960 × 1260 2225 × 1450 × 1200
Weight [kg] 130 350 680

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