Ripple Control

HDO - sestava bloku SMK 1600The Ripple Control Division solves the problems of power and control systems for ripple control transmitters. The power and control systems for ripple control stationary transmitters are continuously developed and implemented together with a subsequent service providing. more

Vibrating and Sorting Technologies

Linka na třídění elektrošrotuThe activities of the Division of Vibrating and Sorting Technologies include the design, development, production, assembly and maintenance of Sorting and Processing Lines and individual machines designed for feeding and sorting various materials. more

Company profile of EPA a.s.

Joint-stock company EPA was established on May 1, 1992 as one of the successor organizations of former Research Institute of Electrical Engineering (VÚSE). EPA was privatized in the same year.


Measurements and tests

We offer capacity of our testing laboratory for electrical machines and drives: – testing of all electrical machines, rotating and non-rotating drives, converters and other devices.